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Keep it super casual in super skinnies

So sometimes it's nice to just completely chiiiill and basically not try too hard at all, so thats kind of what I've done here (maybe not with the shoes though).

 You can't go wrong with a pair of skinnies, jumper, boots and a slouchy bag to make the perfect chilled outfit to be honest. New Look jeans are SO comfy, so if your on the hunt for jeans I recommend you to take a trip to New Look and if you have been viewing my blog then I just wan't to say thanks as it really does mean a lot, so thanks guys! xx. Also the great thing about this outfit it literally contains two pieces of clothing (not including your underwear obviously), so it's easy and cheap!

shoes - Stylistpick £15 (similar here)
Jeans - New Look £20 (here)
Top - h&m (similar here)
Bag - Dorothy Perkins
rings - Primark both £2

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The £7 monochrome trousers we all need in our lives!

Hey everyone! I'm sorry for a huuuge gap between my posts, hopefully you all saw the sorry post below.

So the title basically tells you about this outfit, I literally think we all need these trousers in our lives. They're comfy, stylish, can be dressed up and down and the best bit...they're only £7 (ahh!) and almost forgot they are from Tesco too everyone! (yes TESCO). So seriously if your in Tesco do a major hunt for these trousers, you will not be disappointed, trust me.

As you can see I've dressed the trousers up, creating a nice little evening look by adding quite a few accessories and wearing some silver heels. To be honest I think it's so easy to dress up these trousers, you could literally stick on a block coloured top, heels and a bracelet and you would still have a simple but effective evening outfit.

Truly stylish and a bargain guys - can't go wrong!

shoes - Next (but won on Ebay £7)
Trousers- Tesco £7
Gold rings - h&m
Long ring - h&m £1
Top - New Look £4
Earrings - Claires Accessories 
Bracelet - New Look £4 (I think)
Bag - My Grandma's
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Sorry post :(

Hey everyone! I'm just writing to say I'm really sorry about posting nothing lately. I'm in Malta till Tuesday and have no laptop with me, so even though I have my camera and can still take pictures I've got nothing to put them on to for you guys.

However, this does mean when I'm back there will be lots of great outfits to post for you guys, but like I said really sorry guys. I'll be posting ASAP when I'm home! :) 
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My little DIY jewellery holder

Hey guys! So I decided to make my own jewellery holder because recently my jewellery collection has become waaay too big. 

The DIY jewellery holder that I've made is so easy to do and is really cheap and overall the whole thing cost about £10.

Ok, so what you need is a mug tree (you know those things you hang your mugs off- only telling you because the people I've told 'I'm using a mug tree' are like what's that?), newspaper and spray paint. I found a mug tree for £3 (woop!) in a charity shop yesterday so take a look down your local one and it doesn't matter whether it's wood or metal, mine just happens to be metal. The spray paint cost me about £6.50. Then from there it's pretty simple, newspaper down, spray your mug tree, give it about 3 coats, let it dry and tah dah! you have a jewellery holder that looks great!

Scroll to the bottom to see the final result you won't be disappointed trust!

I really hope you guys like the jewellery holder and maybe consider making one yourself xoxox
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A bit of daytime glamour

As per usual guys this is one of my bargain outfits, hopefully you have gathered I'm not a big spender. With this outfit I really love how the gold from the necklace and bracelet adds some glamour to it, making it girly and perfect for the daytime and summer evenings. I'm slightly gutted as I ironed a hole in the beautiful h&m top this morning (I've hidden it though in the pics) . I've put where the items are from and their prices at the bottom of the pics, so scroll down to see where my bargains were from !

Top - h&m £7
Shorts - Primark £10
Bracelet - Topshop £3.50
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins £3
Shoes - New Look (little sisters)
Earrings - Dorothy Perkins £2
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The 'mask off': L'Oreal Vs. Eclipz

Hey guys! I haven't posted for a while due to being ill for about a week so I'm very sorry about that.
 Anyhow, as you all know I love a bargain, and only recently in my life I've started to love soft smooth hair, because the old me used to LOVE back brushing my hair and not using conditioner (crazy I know). So I decided to test out 2 hair masks at bargain prices and see which one was the best. First we have the Argan Oil hair mask which you can buy in Primark at £4 (amazing) and secondly we have L'Oreal smooth & soft hair mask at £3.70 (reduced at the mo) from Boots.

Argan Oil: I was a little disappointed with this, it didn't make my hair feel as soft as I thought it would, also you have to leave it in for 10minutes so if you are in a rush this probably isn't an ideal hair mask. Overall guys for £4 I guess it's pretty good, but I was hoping for a little better especially as I'm in love with Primark right now .
L'Oreal smooth & soft: this was the winner for me and the fact its reduced in Boots to £3.70 at the min makes it even better. You only have to leave it in your hair for about 3minutes (ideal) and if you put a decent amount in once your hair is dry it feels AMAZING! Defo recommend guys .
(links for the products)
Sorry guys can't find a link for the Argan oil - just pop into Primark!
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