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Gloucester Style Festival 2013: Catwalk in the Quays!

So last night I attended Gloucester Quays fashion catwalk, because at the moment it's Gloucester's Style Festival and was luckily enough given the opportunity to do a little piece on the show :D . 

There were some LUSH clothes and they were all from Gloucester's very own Quays! You may think 'Bryony thats obvious', but I didn't know Gloucester Quays actually had some nice nice clothes. 

A few special guests also came including Gloucester's Variations Dance Company, who opened and closed the show with some incredibly dancing. Also, the new Mr and Mrs gloucester attend the catwalk and strutted their stuff down it too. Mrs gloucester was looking extra fabulous in her final silk dress (you can see in the pictures below).

Overall, the show was a great success and around 70 people turned up all to give support to the charity the Pied Piper Appeal, the atmosphere was bubbly with some great music and everyone had a lovely evening :) xoxo

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Get the look for cheaper! : From Warehouse to H&M

Hate to say it guys but theres a story behind this post afraid. Basically I fell in love with this warehouse coat (the coat featured on the right) however I don't have £95 to just fling around and then the coat went out of my size. I checked in the shop about 3 times, each time they didn't have it in my size so I realised it was a sign from God that the coat wasn't for me.

Luckily, I was having a browse in H&M and saw the coat on the left (it doesn't come with a fur collar guys) and I thought this looks a little like the coat from Warehouse, if only it had a fur collar....So that led to my amazing idea of attaching buttons onto the collar of the coat and attaching my Topshop fur collar on to the coat and ta-dah! I have a coat which looks similar to the Warehouse one, but for £35! Also, because the fur collar is detachable I can take it off when it gets to Spring time or if I want a more basic look.

Try it guys! xoxox

Here is a link to the Warehouse coat encase your interested :) unfortunately the H&M coat isn't on the website any more :( check in the shops! x

Warehouse coat £95

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It's a fury thang! 

Hey everyone! I've pretty much been waiting for Autumn/Winter for one reason...I finally get to wear my gorgeous fur coat -woop woop! Basically, once I had seen Louise Thompson wear her brown fur coat on Made in Chelsea I fell in love with it, I thought she looked like a cute little grizzly bear, so I basically thought I want to go for the cute bear look too. My coat was basically a bargain as I won it off Ebay for about £24 and it's good quality as well as its from Monsoon, so double whammy there. So I think that proves we can all find a bargain fur coat somewhere. I'd check out Ebay, New Look & H&M for some cheap ones. I'd really invest in one guys I fell in love with mine the moment I tried it on and it's soo comfy, fur is the way forward! Fake fur though guys got to care about the bears.

I hope you are all enjoying my blog, any feedback would be really appreciated! xoxox
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Print, print, print!

Hey there everyone! I thought it would be nice to do another AW13 trend alert for you guys to keep you lot up to scratch with what is in this Autumn/Winter, but don't take trends too seriously it's always nice to keep a bit of 'you' in your outfits :).

So animal print, it's not just your typical leopard print this season subtler prints such as snake, deer and cow print are very popular as well as they are much softer and aren't too in your face. I think the key to this trend is DON'T wear more than 2 print pieces, because print can easily look tacky rather than glamorous. However, if your going for the scary spice look carry on and wear more than 2 pieces.

My pencil skirt, jumper and hat are all from H&M and don't cost more than £20 each (info and prices will be at the bottom of the photos). I love this pencil skirt it basically is the trend as it's not just leopard print it also has snake print down the sides. Jumpers tucked into pencil skirts are a big YES this winter as you can glam them up and down really easily. I love the hat as I think it really creates a feminine city look and makes you feel like a woman and how could I resist the velvet clutch for £6 at Primark. The boots are perfect for Autumn they are good quality, cheap and the spikes make them more funky than just plain black boots.

So don't be afraid to add a print item to your outfit even if it's just a scarf it can really make a difference and make your outfit x2 more glamorous, just don't go over board with it :) xxxx

Skirt - H&M £20 
Jumper - H&M £15
Boots - New Look (gift)
Hat - H&M £15
Bag - Primark £6
Bracelets - Primark £2
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