Clothes Show Live 2013!

Jade Thompson looking rather gorgeous in some sexy lingerie 

Jade rocking her bobble hat with a dress

Partay time!

Dan Osborne from TOWIE

Might do a review on this face product so keep a look out!

Hope you have all liked my pictures from the Clothes Show Live! It was truly amazing so I hope the pictures have persuaded those who didn't go this year to go next year, it's really worth it and great to experience :) xoxox
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So Christmas is looming everyone and some of us are still running round the high street trying to find some trendy little pieces for our loved ones (that's me), so santa decided to provide all the fashionistas out there with an early present that will make Christmas shopping a little easier - Mallzee! the new personal shopper app.

If you are a little crazy for online shopping or browsing then Mallzee is the perfect app for you, as it's your very own personal shopper in your pocket! The app features over 200 different retailers from ASOS to Urban Outfitters, French Connection and many more, you choose your favourite ones and Mallzee will save them and their products in one space. Now isn't that more ideal than having 10 different pages open on your laptop? Also, you still have all the great filter features such as colour, price and specific clothing items just so life is made even easier!

5 top things you need to know about Mallzee:

1. It's a shop dedicated to yourself, all your favourite retailers are on one app (life made easy.)
2. You don't have to shop alone you can sign up with Facebook, invite your friends and connect with them on Mallzee to discuss the items you like & get opinions.
3. It's fun! You tell Mallzee what you like and it finds items to match your taste.
4. You can order items you like from Mallzee, so there is no hassle trying to remember where an item is from or it's order number.
5. Some of us are just way too busy to actually make time for shopping, so snuggle on the sofa with Mallzee and a cuppa and make your shopping spree quick and easy!

Sound ideal? Download the app and find out more about Mallzee here

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H&M Christmas lingerie under £22!

Hi everyone, 22 days till Christmas! (eeek excited!) I thought I'd do this post encase you ladies need another prezzie idea as you just don't have a clue what to treat yourself with. I think underwear is great, because I love it when you buy new underwear and it just makes you feel invincible and sexy (don't deny you haven't had that feeling girls!) and I never think you can have too much underwear (I'm only saying that because according to mum I do, I don't though trust me.) 

 H&M have AMAZING priced underwear I reckon, so I have picked out 3 underwear sets which are not only under £22 and will make you feel gorgeous, but will also get you into the Christmas spirit. 
Merry Christmas ladies! x

Bra - £9.99 (click here)
Lace briefs - £4.99 (click here)

Bra - £14.99 (click here)
Lace string briefs - £6.99 (click here)

Bra - £12.99 (click here)
Mesh string briefs - £6.99 (click here)

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Primark's perfect party dress

Happy 1st December everyone! I thought a perfect way to kick off December would be to share my beautiful Primark party dress for the festive season which is only...wait for it...13 POUNDS! 'What!!?' your saying, I know right, but yes this beautiful party piece is a bargain. Also, the lovely embellished necklace I have on is also from Primark and it was £5!

The 5 best things about this dress are that:

 1. It's long, so you stay warmer than wearing a short dress.

2. It's got a lovely low back, not too low, but low enough that it makes the dress look really elegant. 

3. It's sparkly! so this dress basically has Christmas & New Years Eve written all over it!

 4. It's black, which makes life easier it will pretty much go with everything. 

5. It's in stores now for £13 whoop!

Dress - £13 Primark
Shoes - New Look (old)
Clutch - Primark (I think it was £7)
Earrings - Claire's Accessories
Necklace - £5 Primark
Coat - Monsoon (won off Ebay £25)

All the items from Primark have been recently bought and are still in stock in the shops :)

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