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Mrs Scarlet...

Dress Justfor5pounds click here / Shoes ASOS £28 click here

Hey everyone! I actually named this post 'Mrs Scarlet' because this little red piece which was generously sent to me, reminds me of the character Mrs Scarlet from the game cluedo - I don't know why it just did, but I thought it fit nicely. By the way I am not married though.

Can you believe that this dress is from Justfor5pounds so obviously it's only £5! CRAZY! I think it looks way more expensive not just because of the quality of material, but because it fits amazingly too. I love it. When I first tried it on I did think this isn't really what I'd go for, classy yes but I thought I looked like a business woman with it on. These photos have defiantly convinced me otherwise because now I love it and I'm so grateful Justfor5pounds were lovely enough to send it to me. 

I paired it with floral heels from ASOS, because I thought some pink and red clash really well together and I defiantly think the shoes and this dress are spot on together. Just like having a little black dress in our wardrobes I also think we need a little red one too and this is a killer little dress. So you know where to look if your going out next week.

Have a great day 

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Classy florals...

Bag La Moda £10 click here/ Sunglasses Asos £10 click here/ Treggings H&M £12.99/ Necklace Rebellion Frase £3.50/ Boots Stylistpick/ Hat River Island

Well, this weather is just getting better and better to be honest (touch wood) it's making me buzzing for the summer. 

I bought these floral treggings from H&M a while ago and I think they're pretty beaut so I just had to do a post with them, they're so comfy too and only £12.99, you should defiantly consider investing in a pair. I thought I'd style them with the old peplum as it hasn't been out since last summer when everyone was going peplum crazy and I wanted to try out my new cat eye sunglasses from asos which I think are sick (and it's perfect weather for them). I also thought I'd give my new deathly hallows necklace it's first styling, which I bought the other day from Rebellion Frase (check out there site). I finished off the outfit with my good old bargain from La Moda and suede ankle boots from Stylistpick. A simple, clean and classy spring outfit.

Hope you like the outfit and have a good week 
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a little surprise from E.N.tertainment Events...

We can't deny that we all love little surprises, especially when they're gifts so I was thrilled when I received this beautiful decoration from E.N.tertainment Events as a token for my blog.

The thing I really love about this gift is that it's hand crafted, not only does this instantly make it more unique, but it makes it irreplaceable, as it's not like I can run down to the shop and grab another one. The detail added to the wooden heart is just gorgeous as you can see ribbon, pearly beads and flowers, gives the heart that perfect feminine touch!
It would make a great little present for any of your girl friends, or even for Mothers Day as that's coming up too. If your thinking I like this, but I'd love to see a bigger range then I really advise you to check out E.N.tertainment Events, as all the gifts are stunning and hand crafted by one lovely lady, so you know you won't be disappointed as so much time and effort goes in to making these.
I'd just like to say a big thank you to Emma Newton, owner of E.N.tertainment Events for sending me this special surprise and please check out the other her other gifts (especially if your behind for Mothers Day guys!).
Here is the link to E.N.tertainment Events: http://emanewton7.wix.com/entertainment-events
Tweet: @emanewton7

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trio of bargains...

Hi everyone, hope your not all too depressed to read my new post as I know it's still early in the week, but hopefully this should brighten your day a little.

 So this post was just about me putting together an outfit with 3 bargains I had recently bought: the skirt £5 from New Look, my turban hat £9.50  from Asos and my lovely floral cut out top £10.99 from Hidden Fashion

To be honest I wasn't completely sure about this outfit at the start, especially with the turban I just thought oh God I look like Jack Sparrow's wife! but it's defiantly grown on me and now I love it. I do think some of the colours of the outfit clashed, but overall I really like it and as long as you love your outfit and can walk out the door without busting into tears if someone made a stupid comment then don't worry about what anyone else thinks! Let me know what you think of the outfit below guys and have a good Wednesday.

Skirt -  similar here
Top - here
Turban - here (has gone back up to £12 as I got it in the sale for £9.50)

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The sun has got it's hat on...

Dress - George at ASDA click here/ Shoes - Boohoo click here

Talk about lush weather today's been gorgeous! and we should be having more this week (fingers crossed, touch wood). So seen as today was pretty beautiful I thought it was only fair to put my new floral dress to use and share it with you guys as this little piece was a bargain, £12 from George at ASDA - oh yes! I love the lace detail on the dress I think George have done pretty well with their new collection. I paired it with the shoes that many of you have probably seen loads of picture of now on my instagram, yes my silver brogues from Boohoo for £18 (but I just love them). 

Hope you all had a fab weekend and try to survive Monday! 

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My top 5 Spring guide...

Spring/Summer usually 99.9% of the time means new additions to our wardrobes and beauty rage - so I'm not complaining as I always enjoy seeking out new additions and grabbing a good bargain (as many of you know). So here are my 5 favourite additions to my wardrobe/make up bag for spring.
Enjoy! x

1. New undies 

These little beauties are from H&M and only cost me £13 altogether! You will basically look like Spring with these on (a rose bush), they're elegant and classy and remind me of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's floral silk lingerie range (which is why I love them even more), but they're more than half the price.

Click here if you'd like to check these pretty little things out online!

2. Go white

Head to toe in white equals a seriously powerful outfit with class, but if you don't want to dress up like a snowman then having one white staple in your wardrobe is just as good. I bought this adorable white cut out top from Hidden Fashion for only £10.99 and I'm literally in love with it, the quality is great and can't wait to rock it for the Spring. Hidden Fashion also deserves extra points, because not only have the nailed the white trend, but the floral one too with the tops cute little cut outs - I love you Hidden Fashion! x

If you wan't to buy this beauty then click here 

3. Metallic

I hope your thinking 'wow' because these brogues are seriously stylish and they're only £18 from Boohoo. Metallic is a top trend for SS14, but I didn't actually know that until after I bought these so I had basically killed two birds with one stone (buying a sweet bargain which are also on trend). These shoes can pretty much be worn with anything they'll add some stylish zest during the day and glamour at night, so they're pretty much my new best friend. Also, I love how they're pointy, it reminds me of pixie shoes.

If you have room in your wardrobe for a new pair of staple shoes then click here (can also get them in gold if you aren't a silver fan)

4. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish
5. L'Oreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint foundation
Obviously for gorgeous weather (which we are now finally getting) we also want gorgeous skin and the Liz Earle cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser is seriously amazing and it's only £13.25. I don't have naturally amazing skin, I have ups and downs, but my Liz Earle product has helped me out loads. I even stopped using the cream my doctors prescribed me and switched to Liz Earle because it was so much more effective on my skin. You rub it all over your face onto dry skin and it has a lovely rich creamy texture so it feels like your having a luxurious mini facial, then you rinse the cloth in warm water wipe the cream all off your face (the muslin cloth acts as an exfoliator), splash your face with cold water and your done! My mum uses it and at first I thought 'oh it's obviously for older people' - yes I was very wrong and feel awful (sorry mum!) as it works amazingly for any age.

If you'd like to check out this product and it's five star reviews click here 

So if we have fabulous skin for Spring then we also want a lovely light coverage to compliment it. Personally, I can't praise this foundation enough as I do think it's the greatest and the reason why I think my view for this is extremely trustworthy is because I'm someone who hated foundation, I'd wear concealer all over my face (beauty bloggers kill me). Nude Magique is basically everything it says on it's adverts, it's light as water and feels weightless on your skin. It doesn't have a pump you literally just tip some on your finger  and your skin feels so silky after and has a real natural looking coverage. The only thing I would say is if you want a heavy coverage then this probably isn't your cup of tea, but for £10 I do think it's great and despite it being a small bottle it lasts for nearly 3 months.

If you want this baby for your skin then click here

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