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I'm not sure about you but I am 100% bored of this weather at the moment. I want to get outside in some fresh air and be able to do things, and I'm finding this  weather is really dampening my mood at the moment.

 I keep looking at all the Spring collections and thinking damn I wish I could wear that right now but it's just too short, or it's too thin and I'd freeze.

Even if we can't really wear/justify buying any of the lovely Spring clothes at the moment there's defiantly nothing stopping us from thinking ahead and planning together a few outfits for the Spring  just to be prepared (as I have done in these pictures).

I think an oversized jumper is defiantly an essential for this Spring as it may be a bit warmer, but lets not get ahead of ourselves it's not like England's suddenly going to be the temperature of India. A hat is also on my tick list, they speak confidence and will always add interest to an outfit (I'm especially loving my fedora hats all over again).

Hope you like the outfit! x

Skirt - H&M £7 - Jumper - H&M - Boots - Dorothy Perkins - Hat - Topshop - Bag - Osprey London
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At the moment I'm really loving oversized coats. I think it's the greatest companion for the cold weather as you can wear lots of layers underneath and get all snugly.

Oversized coats can look great with lots of accessories or just on their own it depends if you want more of a focus just on the coat itself or not.

If you don't own an oversized coat at all, then the easiest way to bag yourself one for free is taking one of your parents. I've actually stolen my mums in these pictures, but I feel that taking someone else's coat can sometimes make that 'oversized look' actually look more effective, than if you buy a coat in your size which is labelled as an 'oversized coat'.

I've paired mine (my mum's) with an oversized scarf from Primark, my fedora hat, some leggings and pointed ankle boots. On the top half I wanted to keep that whole 'oversized feel' and I wanted to emphasise it more by wearing something more fitted on the bottom half like my leggings.

I'm not sure what it is that has drawn me to baggy clothes lately. I just think they so much more comfy and practical, especially for this weather. Or maybe I'm just becoming lazy and can't be assed to actually stop and think for five minutes 'what will I wear today' and I just chuck it on instead. Hmmm...ah well.

Coat - Mum's wardrobe - Boots - Dorothy Perkins £25 - Leggings Topshop £20 here - Fedora hat - Topshop similar here - Bag - Osprey London Gloucester Quays - Scarf - Primark £5
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Honestly I find it really really hard to wear 'sensible' clothes in the Winter generally, but lately it's been even harder as all the new Spring collections are hitting stores.

I find this so bloody annoying! Not only are the clothes gorgeous, but they are defiantly not compatible with the weather we are having at the moment - I mean it's still Winter for God sakes and kimonos are getting brought out.

Luckily, to save myself from catching some deathly illness from this vile weather I have invested in this super snugly £12 coat from H&M. Fashionable, affordable and defiantly appropriate for this weather.

I'm not usually one for the Eskimo coat kind of look but I honestly think this is my best investment during this Winter season (despite my Osprey London bag which I will share with you all another day...) as I think it looks really stylish, even if I do feel a little on the puffy side.

I think I've very slowly come to realise that in this kind of weather you look better if you are wearing something sensible which will keep you warm, rather than trying to wear something  fashionable which you will freeze in. Think I'll stick to looking sensible from now on!

This coat comes in a range of colours too: white, burgundy and grey, but sizes are selling out fast so take a look quickly here before yours goes. All colours are £12.

Bag - Osprey London - Leggings - Topshop - Trainers - Mango

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