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I felt so cool using this mug.

A Benefit Cosmetics Hoola brownie - it was delish!

Laura (the fashion assistant) was so lovely to give me this. I love it!

The Cotty girls came round to HFM HQ so it was free ice-cream for everyone!

Setting up the clothes for the shoot ready for steaming.

Bags for the shoot.

Jewellery for the shoot was to die for. 

The sunglasses I picked for the shoot.

So many shoes!

The amazing beauty bag that was put together for me by the beauty team.

From my pictures you probably assume life as a fashion intern was pretty sweet, being around gorgeous clothes and accessories, assisting on shoots and getting the odd little gift and free ice-cream. I can assure you all though these perks defiantly come with a few peaks,

Honestly, I think my first two weeks at HFM were so so stressful. This is most probably as I was put straight into a fashion working environment, one, where I had never been before and two, I had no clue how to do pretty much anything I was starting from scratch.

In my first weeks I was doing  general duties like...

  • Updating 'the book' (just like The Devil Wears Prada right!)
  • Minis - mini's for the wall (where you print off the pages for the magazine but in a miniature version and stick it on the wall so you see how the magazine layout will look for the newest issue before it goes to print).
  • Tea making - for the editor. NOTE this was very important as she liked her Earl Grey.
  • Returns - the dreaded have days where you either love returning clothes from the shoot or hate it and when things go missing (which they did) you sometimes feel like your life is truly over.

Then as the week went on and I got more used to the office and my general jobs I moved onto some bigger things...

  • 'Get the look' - I was luckily enough to create a get the look spread page for the June issue of the magazine so I can't wait for this to come out. I can't say who the person is for this page, but it was great to try and create a similar look at cheaper prices. There's more to get the look pages than you think though...DID YOU KNOW for whatever picture of clothing you take off the net you then have to email that clothing companies PR asking for a high res image, the credits for that item of clothing and whether it will be available for the magazine issue your working on...appreciate these kind of pages in magazines guys, a lot of work goes into them!

  • Calling in props for shoots - This was a pretty cool and scary job. It was great because I got to pick some gorgeous Miu Miu, Dior and Juicy Couture sunglasses personally for the shoot and other props, but scary incase the person I was picking them for hated everything I chose.

  • Assisting on the fashion shoot - This was my highlight of my time at HFM Magazine actually going on a proper shoot. When I got there it was busy busy, unpacking the cases of clothes, hanging them up and steaming them all and laying out all the accessories. After that you relax more and just enjoy the shoot and the beautiful location your shooting in. It was great to see what goes on behind the scenes of a fashion shoot and how long it takes. It was all very inspiring.

So that is what my time at HFM consisted of. I'm glad to be back in the country, but sad to have left the business and responsibility of this job behind. The team was so lovely there I couldn't have asked for nicer work companions and hopefully one day I may be able to visit again. If your interested in interning at a fashion magazine then I defiantly recommend HFM, the experience I got there in just a month was incredible.


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