Well I have to say this playsuit is just a beaut and I have to thank the people who work at ASOS getting it to me half an hour before my mum's 50th birthday party began *phew!*,

Playsuits are great for all year round, but I think the best time to take advantage of them is in these Spring/Summer months for obvious reasons (LENGTH). They are just great as they are so versatile and come in so many different styles for different occasions: casual, evening, festival and if your someone who finds choosing outfits just too much hassle sometimes then a playsuit could be the solution to all your problems. Also, I love that safe feeling that playsuits give, like if you fell over in a dress you have to be aware that there's a chance your knickers might show, but with a playsuit nuh-uh ain't happening!

This little sparkly nude number is from Oh My Love London on Asos for only £22! I feel it's simplistic, but classy style and subtle sparkle really allows you to take advantage by making it your own with some statement accessories. I've gone for these amazing statement black earrings (H&M) and strappy black court heels (BHS), which really stand out against the nude of the playsuit and add that extra statement and glamorous touch.

Playsuit - Oh My Love London @ Asos £22 buy here - Black earrings - H&M available in store (£5.99 or £6.99) - Court heels - BHS £20 buy here

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You may not have heard of Fay Page Jewellery before, but if your a beach babe, need a unique present for someone and love the sea then Fay Page is defiantly a brand to add to your must-have list.

Since I was a baby I have been lucky enough to holiday on the beautiful island of St Martins, one of the islands which make up the Isle of Scilly (a group of islands right at the bottom of the UK). St Martins is where Fay Page Jewellery is made and it's done by, funnily enough, Fay Page herself! An extremely talented lady who creates the most stunning jewellery inspired by her island home, the sea life and scenery.

I absolutely love my Fay Page urchin ring and necklace, I literally haven't taken them off since I got them both last year. Literally. 

The reason  I think Fay Page is so good for presents and just treating yourself in general, personally, is because you are 80% more likely to be able to turn to the person next to you and find they aren't wearing the same piece of jewellery as you. Don't get me wrong I think Pandora is a lovely brand, but sometimes it all gets a bit boring when everyone has the same thing or you know 50 people with the same ring...if you know what I mean.

The thing I love most about Fay Page though, and this is to do with the urchin ring I own in the pictures, is that you can choose your own gem to go in so it becomes even more brilliant! Hence why mine has a light blue one being my favourite colour. Not to mention the quality of the jewellery is incredible I wear mine in the shower all the time, no damage or worries at all.

 So if your a fan of starfish, seals, shells, pretty rings, charms and shells your bound to find something you like on Fay Page and it's the perfect jewellery for the Summer months.

Fancy checking out Fay Page jewellery? Then click HERE or visit

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It's that time of year when dungarees spring into fashion. I find dungarees are a really controversial item of clothing. People will either cringe at the mention of them, 'Omg I would never wear them', which is 100% fine and actually what I was like, or they love them.

I was a dungares hater, I thought they would make me look boyish and just weren't girly at all. This is until I saw Amy from post ft. a pair of denim blue dungarees and thought 'Omg she looks amazing but so do the dungarees too!' . So after this and asking the boyfriend many a times 'do you think dungarees will suit me?', I plucked up the courage and bought this white pair from H&M for only £14.99 (very good price for dungarees too).

So here are a few tips on how to make dungrees look smart and stylish for those people out there who still aren't 100% sure on them...

  1. Add a heel. It doesn't have to be a literal 'high heel', a kitten heel would do like the ones in my pictures, but it will instantly smarten/dress up the dungarees in comparison to a pair of converses.
  2. Smarten up underneath. If you want to make your dungarees look dressed up it's probably not best to wear your biggest baseball shirt underneath or a crop top as you will make the dungarees give off a different vibe. Wear something a little smarter, e.g. I'm wearing a sheer shirt from Mango. 
  3. Belt up. If your dungarees have belt holes then why not use them? Adding a statement or printed belt can instantly dress up any outfit so why not do the same with a pair of dungarees?
  4. Colour check. Personally I'd say think about the colour of your dungarees. Any pair could be dressed up, but I think it's easier to smarten up dungarees if you stick to classic colours. Black and white are the easiest as you can treat them the same as a little black or white dress.
  5. Bag check. The same as the belt, a statement bag can go a long way with any outfit.
This is simply my own personally view on dungarees.

Dungarees - £14.99 H&M buy here - Shoes - £17 BHS buy here - Bag - Primark (can't remember the price but defiantly in stores now) - Belt - New Look (old) - Shirt - Mango sale similar here
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