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Recently I'm becoming such a lazy bones when it comes to dressing. All this hot weather makes me feel like it's just too much effort to actually plan what I'm going to wear and I actually prefer more laid back casual clothes right now anyway.

I'm sure there's many of you out there who can relate to this feeling, so I thought I'd share my 'off duty/I can't really be bothered/comfy outfit' with you.

I think dungarees are amazing for that off duty feeling. They look so laid back and comfy (which they are) that them, paired with a simple tee are the perfect partners. I thought my Mango trainers would give the look that ultimate casual finish.

Any of you been feeling like this too?

Trainers - Mango similar HERE
Dungarees - Fat Face £45 similar HERE for £24.99
Tee - H&M similar HERE for £7.99

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Just a quicky tonight guys (ha! Naughty...), as I didn't want to make this post long winded as I basically just wanted to throw a comfy post out there. Yes I think Summer gives us the perfect opportunity to dress up more as the weather means our outfits can be a lot more versatile, but there's also those Summer evenings where you really don't give a cr*p and you just want to feel snuggly and eat your burger without thinking 'omg I wasn't holding my stomach in for five minutes!' - you know what I'm saying? So I think those kind out Summer evenings are made for shorts (I love high wasted) and big baggy jumpers as it's the ultimate comfort outfit.

Also, how aswesome is my crab jumper?! But I'd just like to say it is out of stock on H&M as I bought it back in the Spring, so I'm really sorry but I thought this could be a nice outfit inspo post. I'll put a few links to some of the jumpers/sweatshirts I'm loving right now.

Sunglasses - H&M £5.99 buy HERE
Flip flops - F&F (old) similar HERE £5
Shorts - Primark available in store now

1. H&M £29.99 buy HERE
2. ASOS £28 buy HERE
3. ZARA £15.99 buy HERE

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Well I won't bother saying happy Monday as lets be honest this isn't a day to be cheery about as it's Monday *sighs*. Anyway because I was a little slow on posts last week I thought I'd post a little ootd and I'm feeling rather Frenchy in this one.

I think in the Summer I sometimes feel like I lose sense of style  because styling can start to become more simplistic due to the weather getting warmer and obviously we don't want layers upon layers. I think going back to basics which have some sort of detailing is a good way to keep your outfit that little bit more interesting. Stripes are a classic that we see in fashion pictures waaay back, not to mention they're bold and create a great statement and lace has such pretty detailing it's something that will always catch someones eye. Don't forget to snaz up your outfits with a sweet pair of sunnies too! X

Sunnies - H&M £5.99 HERE
Sandals - New Look £19.99 HERE
T-shirt - H&M similar HERE £6.99
Shorts - H&M £14.99 HERE 
Bag - Osprey London outlet

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Ok so my fave accessories are 100% without a doubt handbags and earrings. I just think they're amazing and can literally change an outfit in so many ways. I always go through weird little cravings when it comes to earrings so I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite recent buys, as earrings are great for the Summer, especially dressing up outfits as we tend to go for barer and more simpler styling due to the warmer weather.

This pair of beaded chandelier beauties are a your next partners in crime for a night out. They are your LBD go to accessory, the statement to your outfit.

A little more unusual, but unique and look amazing on. A great complimenting accessory for beach wear and casual evening wear, they add a little spice to your life. 
Buy these earrings HERE

There's only one thing I can say about these earrings...Dolce and Gabbana vibes! These are pure ear candy. If you want people to take a second glance at your ears (and beware a good or bad compliment may be on the way about them) then these are defiantly the earrings for the job.

I'd just like to say guys that I'm so so sorry there's no link to the first and last pair of earrings (which are obviously H&M - ya know me). I swear every time I buy something new in H&M it's never on their site. I can 100% reassure you that they are in store though as I bought them last week and that they are both under £10 each.
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As sad as I am to say it, I'm not a huge fan of the current 'denim trend'. To be honest though, it's only recently that I've even started to like jeans as it's so hard to find a good fitting pair when your have legs the length of cocktail sticks *sighs*.

I found this little denim look a like drop hem top in H&M the other day and I thought this is the perfect way for me to channel the trend, as it's cute, a top (not jeans) and was only £7 (bargain much?!)

I love how it's quite floaty too and not skin tight so that I'm less prone to sweat patches in the Summer (I know we all experience this issue).

If your like me and aren't a fan of denim then my tip to you is opt for denim lookalike items. The material will be lighter, more comfy and will offer a lot more different styles of clothing.

Top - H&M £7
Shorts - F&F similar here
Shoes - Primark in store now
Sunglasses - H&M £5.99 buy here
Bag - Osprey London outlet at Gloucester Quays

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So in a few weeks I'm jetting off to Tenerife for my Summer holiday woop woop! Actually so excited - sun, cocktails, a great location to blog and catch a tan (or just go red like a lobster).When holidaying obviously we want to look stylish but be comfortable at the same time. We want to feel chic, but not wear 5inch heels in order to do so. Fat Face have a new holiday collection of beach wear ready clothes, stylish yet affordable so they've basically done all the hard work - so cheers Fat Face! Here are two outfits I've created using two pieces from their new collection - one for the day and evening.

Summer evening

Harem pants are a holiday must have and are great for the evenings when it gets just a tad chillier and those slouchy days. I'm so in love with the pineapple floral print on these, it really allows the pants to be the main focus of the outfit (hence why I've not gone for a top with pineapples all over it too). They're also just the comfiest things and you don't have the worries of 'omg are my knickers showing? Is this too short on me?', like you may get with a dress or skirt for an evening out. Pair with some pretty sandals, a plain detailed top, dress up your hair and make-up and your good to go.

Pineapple pants(*) -  Fat Face £32 buy HERE
Top - New Look £12.99 similar HERE £7.99
Sandals - Primark (old) but similar in store
Earrings - H&M available in store now

Day at the beach 

love these dungarees they create a cute off duty look for the Summer and literally go with any t-shirt underneath - boom outfit sorted #simples. Don't get me wrong, when going out and choosing what 'look' I'm going for, whether it's the pretty look, sexy or chic look, I just think you can't get enough of that cute beachwear look.

What I also love about these dungarees is that they're actual denim, so they're never going to go out of fashion (because lets face it denim has a comeback every single year) so they're timeless.

Pair with sandals, a straw hat and a baggy t-shirt for that ultimate beach girl look and for those who like to be a tad more on the dressy side some statement earrings will do the trick!

Dungarees(*) - Fat Face £45  
Sandals - New Look £19.99 buy HERE 
 Top - New Look£12.99 similar HERE £7.99
 Fedora hat - River Island £18 buy HERE

I hope you all like these two outfits and I hope they maybe given you a bit of inspo for your holidays. If you want to check out what other fabulous pieces Fat Face has to offer in their new beach collection just click the link here:
  OR to peep at their new arrivals click here:

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Happy Thursday! There's nothing better than a get the look post, especially when it involves getting a Ted Baker lookalike shoe for £14.

We all love who Ted Baker, but I don't always have £130 to throw on a pair of heels and I think there's also the case that also I really don't want to either (such a cheapskate). Luckily that's where our saviour Primark comes in with it's stunning floral platform.

As soon as I picked up this heel I was instantly feeling the Ted Baker vibes with it's satiny pink floral print, obviously a Ted Baker favourite. Another great thing is the actual style of this heel, platforms are 100% in since the 70's have rolled back into trend this SS15 and last but not least, I personally find the structure of this heel a lot more supportive. The platform at the front gives you that added support making it easier to walk in and also the thick heel is a lot more sterdy and therefore isn't going to get scuffed and damaged so quickly.

I hope I have been able to save you guys some pennies and have a lovely day! x

Platform heel - £14 Primark available in store now (bought from Bristol Primark)
Court heel - Ted Baker £130 buy HERE 

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Woohoo we are having some warmer weather about bloody time! It's getting me get in the holiday spirit and so so excited about preparing for Tenerife in July - eek!

From when we were like five I swear one of the first things we had in our wardrobe for Summer was a pair of shorts...well I did anyway. They're literally just a must have for everyone's Summer wardrobes and they're so easy and non-fussy, you zip them up and viola!

I love how H&M are doing a full range of Summer shorts for £7.99 and what I'm even more impressed with is that they aren't just your standard denim shorts. The print on this pair is fresh, funky and screams Summer time. The print also acts as the statement of your outfit so you don't need to spend ages dressing them up, making them great for your daytime and evening outfits on holiday.

Let the shorts do the talking and opt for complementing block colours on the top and freshen up with beach feel accessories for that ultimate Summer feeling.

Shorts - H&M £7.99 buy here
Bag - H&M £5 (old)
Thin knit jumper - H&M similar here for £8
Shoes - Primark £12 available in store now
Palm tree sunglasses - H&M available in store now

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