Primark's suede jacket dreams

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Primark suede jacket

Primark suede jacket

Primark suede jacket

Forever21 square brown sunglasses

Calvin Klein black leather duffle bag

Primark suede jacket

When I saw this jacket in Primark I had to have it and costing only £20 it was a no brainer. My decision however was made extremely tough when I noticed they also had it in  khaki green (ahh!), but after trying both on about 30 times over and realising that my boyfriend was going to have a breakdown if I didn't make up my mind fast, I decided to go for the grey.

The cut of the jacket is just amazing, clean and simple and I love the faux suede because I think it makes the jacket look a lot more expensive than it actually is. This is going to be my go-to jacket for casual days and airport dressing. I'm going back for the khaki one 100%!

Jacket - Primark £20 (Available in store now)
Sunglasses - £6 Forever21 
Bag - Calvin Klein similar 
Shoes - River Island £24 buy here

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